Best places to buy electronic music in Berlin

Five stores selling the best of Berlin music, and other treats

(tbp, 22 Dec 2006)


digalittledeeper (mitte)

Mitte record store catering to DJs and educated music listeners. 

Rotation (t)

Rotation (mitte)

Rotation on Rosenthaler Platz is popular with DJs and music enthusiasts 

Leila M (t)

Leila M (Mitte)

Berliner bands and labels are sold in this small store claiming to have been in existence since 1903 

das drehmoment & Radio Nord (t)

drehmoment (Prenzlauer Berg)

Neighborhood record store selling techno, electro, and various Berlin-made music 

Vopo-records (t)

vopo-Records (Prenzlauer Berg)

Cramp and slightly dusty vopo sells anything one would want to listen to, from hip-hop, trip-hop, indie, to rock’n’roll.