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Cate Blanchett at the Berlinale (t)


Berlin’s international film festival is taking place from 8-18 February. NPR’s Susan Stone takes a look at some of the movies on the program. Originally aired 10 February 2007 at 1900 CET. Download mp3


Oil money

Brookings Institution Russian scholar Clifford G. Gaddy talked about Russia’s incredible oil wealth and the mystery, treachery, and manipulation that spring from this crucial resource at the American Academy on 7 December 2006. Originally aired 13 January 2007 at 1900 CET. Download mp3

Reverend Leo J. O'Donovan at Georgetown in 1996

How possible are global ethics?

Theologian Reverend Leo J. O’Donovan, S.J., president emeritus of Georgetown University, gave a talk at the American Academy on 14 November called “Ideology and Necessity: On the Possibility of a Global Ethics.” The lecture was moderated by Humboldt University’s president Christoph Markschies. Originally aired 6 January 2007 at 1900 CET Download mp3

William Timken

Ambassadors talk relationships

Former German ambassador to Washington (and presently ambassador to London), Wolfgang Ischinger, and current American ambassador to Berlin, William Timken (pictured left), discussed American/German relations vis-à-vis Iran, changing NATO, and trade, at the American Academy on 15 November. Originally aired 9 December 2006 at 1900 CET Download mp3

Richard Fisher - Photo courtesy of US Federal Reserve Bank, Dallas

Is German Economic Decline Exaggerated or Inevitable?

Richard Fisher, president of the Dallas branch of the US Federal Reserve Bank, talked on 20 November at the American Academy about the German postwar economy in a speech called “Is German Economic Decline Exaggerated or Inevitable?” (text)Originally aired 2 December 2006 at 1900 CETDownload mp3


Gay Talese

Noted American writer Gaetano (Gay) Talese read from his memoir A Writer’s Life and was interviewed by Sascha Lehnartz from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung at the American Academy on 10 October 2006. Originally aired 18 November 2006 at 1900 CET. (Photo by Joyce Tenneson courtesy of the American Academy) Download mp3


Religious, yes, but right?

Journalist Frances FitzGerald talked at the American Academy this past month about the role of the evangelical religious right wing in American politics, where some evangelicals, she asserts, are looking to erase the Constitution’s separation between church and state. Originally aired 11 November 2006 at 1900 CETDownload mp3


Publishers on publishing

Nan A. Talese, publisher and editorial director at Nan A. Talese/Doubleday Books, talked to Elisabeth Ruge of Berlin Verlag about working with writers in a changing literary world at the American Academy on 11 October 2006. Originally aired 4 November 2006 at 1900 CETDownload mp3

Barry Diller - Photo: afp

Diller talks internet

Long-time television executive and current IAC Corp. chairman, Barry Diller, talked to Norman Pearlstine at the American Academy on 5 October 2006 about multi-media trends. Originally aired 28 October 2006 at 1900 CETDownload mp3

kornblum 100x100

Middle East going forward

Ambassador John Kornblum (left), Georgetown University professor Dr. Bruce Hoffman, and Dr. Dan Schueftan from Israel’s National Security Studies Center at Haifa University, discuss security strategies in the Middle East with Dr. Gary Smith, director of the American Academy in Wannsee. Originally aired 14 October at 1900 CET Download mp3

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Ovation TV has relaunched itself as a one-of-a-kind fine arts cable channel. But will it find an audience? Thursday NPR’s All Things Considered.Remembering the late, great jazz drummer Max Roach, Friday on NPR’s Fresh Air.Fears that Iraqi insurgents and other groups may be in control of 190,000 missing U.S. weapons, Friday on NPR’s Morning Edition.Journalist Matt Bai talks about the state of progressive politics and what it means for the ’08 election, Tuesday on NPR’s On Point.NASA engineers are deciding whether or not to repair the space shuttle Endeavor before it returns to Earth. What that decision could mean, next time on NPR’s Talk of the Nation Science Friday.From shrews to whales, listening to the difference in the heartbeats of mammals, Saturday on Weekend Edition from NPR.

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